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Ultimate Bunker manufactures the strongest and most comfortable Underground Bunkers on the market today. We use the highest quality materials available and our superior craftsmanship is what makes us the right choice. We can offer you and your family everything you need to be safe and protected. We pride ourselves in offering the strongest, most innovative and cost effective underground bunkers, storm shelters, and gun vaults in the industry. Ultimate Bunker! America’s Greatest Underground Bunkers and Gun Vaults!

comfort and piece of mind
Ultimate Bunkers are built to feel just like home . Pick and Choose the features you want.   We manufacture bunkers to suit any size,  IF YOU CAN DREAM IT, WE CAN BUILD IT! 
Ultimate Bunker provides the quality and craftsmanship to exceed expectations, with CUSTOM OPTIONS THAT WONT BREAK THE BANK!
Our Underground Bunkers are BUILT WITH THE HIGHEST SECURITY IN MIND!  That’s why we use the best doors and locks available, and we use thicker steel and larger beams then the competition.
We do not retain your information. Ultimate Bunker purges all of our records on a regular basis and does not store your name and address. WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU DO WITH YOUR BUNKER, IS YOUR BUSINESS!
Every design gets ENGINEERED AND CERTIFIED BY A LICENSED STRUCTURAL ENGINEER!  We provide each customer with paperwork showing the loads and pressures that an Ultimate Bunker will withstand. We are proud of our steel designs. Ultimate Bunker will out perform any other bunker on the market!

Our shelters are durable enough to be buried deep within the Earth and covered with up to 10 FEET OF SOIL ON TOP. This provides protection from Radioactive Fallout, EMP and even Nuclear Explosion!

Gun Vault Completed
Gun Vault


Kitchen Area


Bath Tub

Everyone’s needs are a little different.  If you are single, have a small family, large family, or even a community of people we can help get you prepared for ANYTHING!

Ultimate Bunker can help protect you from:

We manufacture luxurious Custom Built underground bunkers, underground gun vaults, storm shelters, and safe rooms  that are comfortable, affordable and, more importantly, extremely secure.

Our Underground Bunkers are a great addition to your existing home and will provide you and your family protection from a spectrum of potential catastrophes such as Asteroid Strike, Tornados, Wild Fire, Super Volcano, Civil Unrest, Biological Weapon, Chemical Weapon or Nuclear Attacks.


You are only one step away from being able to successfully protect your family and loved ones.

Don’t wait another day to find out just how simple it can be to create the most effective Ultimate Security Package Possible.

ULTIMATE BUNKER is the right choice when demanding privacy, comfort, security, and piece of mind.