• 100% steel underground bunkers

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  • Storm Shelters Big Enough to Live In!

  • Underground Gun Vaults!

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100 % Steel Underground Bunkers

Don’t wait till its too late get an Ultimate underground bunker custom built!

We are professionals at what we do!

America's Best! Underground Bunkers, Gun Vaults and safe Rooms!

Ultimate Bunker manufactures the Strongest and most Comfortable Underground Bunkers, Storm Shelters, Storm Shelters and Gun Safes on the market today!

We use the highest quality materials available and our superior craftsmanship is what makes Ultimate Bunker the right choice!

We will custom build you and your family the Perfect underground Bunker with everything you will need in it to be Safe and Protected from a Wide Variety of Threats.

Underground Bunker Frame  We put our Main Structural Frame on the inside where it’s safe and well protected from water and moisture. And with our 1/4 thick steel skin on the outside and a heavy coat of Epoxy Coal Tar Coating on the exterior, guarantee’s that your New Ultimate Underground Bunker will last a lifetime. Ultimatebunker-Underground Bunkers
Inside The Underground Gun Safe
Underground Storm Shelters
1000 sq ft
ultimate bunker

garage on top of the bunker

Professional Service and Installation.

When you demand privacy, comfort, security, strength and piece of mind, Ultimate Bunker is the right choice!

Underground Bunker Comfort And Style!

Underground Bunker Kitchen Area

Underground Bunker Closet Area

Underground Bunkers Bath Tub

Everyone’s needs are a little different.

If you have a small family or even a community of people, we can help design and build the perfect Underground Home that’s Best for you, and get you Prepared to Survive ANYTHING!

Americas Best Underground Bunkers

We can Design and Build you the Perfect Bunker to protect you and your family from just about any event!

Ultimate Underground Bunkers are a great addition to your existing home and will provide you and your family the protection and safety you nee20151114_151700.


You are only one step away from being able to successfully protect your family and loved ones with you new Ultimate Underground Bunker.

At Ultimate Bunker We pride ourselves in offering the Strongest and most Comfortable Underground Bunkers in the industry.