3 D Underground Bunker

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Tell us about your dream bunker, safe room, gun vault, storm or fallout shelter. Chances are, we can make it happen.

Because we design, build, deliver and install every bunker, you have almost complete control over the final product. Take a look at our list of stock features (like NBC filtration systems and  blast valves in the shelters) and optional add-ons (like a simple Bath and Shower or 6-Camera Security Systems) to see just how customizable your bunker will be, and browse our list of common sizes and floor plans to get a good idea of price range.

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We manufacture luxurious Custom Built underground bunkers underground gun vaults, storm shelters, and safe rooms that are comfortable, affordable and, more importantly, extremely secure. Our Underground Bunkers and Safe Rooms are a great addition to your existing home and will provide you and your family protection from a spectrum of potential catastrophes such as comet strike, tornados, super volcano, solar flare, pandemic outbreak, civil unrest, biological, nuclear fallout or EMP attacks. Our shelters are durable enough to be buried up to ten feet feep, offering protection from radiation, and EMP attacks.